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8 yr old pekeapoo after ingesting anything presents with symptoms of throbbing in neck area and stiffness in neck, hunched and slow walking...symptoms persist for about an hour. or more..had abdominal xray,cbc and liver function tests which are normal...giving 5mg of pepcid last 3 days and gave disarynal syringe 2days (stopped this med due to vomiting bile 1x/day, vomiting ceased after med was stopped) urinates and has bowel movement normally....Is on royal canin so, watered down) for calcium oxalate stones in bladder...xray did show 4 stones in bladder and one ready to be expelled..Changed diet yesterday to boiled chicken and rice....Also, gave interceptor and frontline on same day,..symptoms occurred  day or two later-coincidence?.Any ideas where to go from here?
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I hope you got some answers by now. Have you posted on " Ask a vet", I think they are the ones that can help you best.
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Shih Tzu dew claw looks like a piece of tree bark and is growing.  Vet said he'd never seen anything like it but not to worry.
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