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I have a male minature dachshund who is 2 years old. When I got him he had to have surgery for stones the stones were struvite crystals. He has been on Royal Canin Unrinary so 14 diet for over 1 year now. I just went to a different vet and this vet wants my dog on a new diet that the vet said is just as good it is the Science diet cd prescription. My question is is this science diet just as good or should I stay with the royal canin urinary so 14 diet. My dog has not had any problems and he has been doing really good. Please help. If I can save some money this way it would be great.
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I have a dog on the CD Science Diet.  

Why does your vet want you to change?  Could you ask him what the real difference might be?  I don't know anything about the RC Urinary diet.

I can only say that my dog has been on the Science diet for a few months now, doing well.  
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Your Vet wants to change his food because He (Your Vet) makes money off of selling YOU, Science Diet!  I bet he doesn't sell Royal Canine, does he? There's your answer.....Price wise, they cost about the same...RC may be a little less.  I think the RC is better....My dog liked it better, also....Stick with your original thinking and just tell your Vet that your happy with what you have.....Just say you've tried it before and your dog liked the Royal Canine, better.   :)      Hope this helps...Karla
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