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my dog has long white things groing out her coat
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Your dog is moulting.
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Yes it sounds like that.
Some dogs (very much like wolves) have two layers of fur, the under-layer, and the top layer -the 'guard' hairs. When the under layer starts to moult, they can look quite a mess! If left it can form something similar to "dreadlocks" and get into such a tangle. It's better to take it off by gentle pulling. It will come away quite easily. Then comb the fur.
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Yes it that time i have Siberian huskies at the end of summer and end of winter they blow their coat the house is a mess, our cloth are a mess, and thye are mess i am sure people think we do not care of them they way they look right now. It does come out easy but you could also use a shedding shampoo and a wonderful brush  my new best friend the furminator it looks like a rack it does not have pointed tips and it is good for undercoat.
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