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i need your help, please, i really need it

sorry for my english, im not a native speaker.
look, i got a chihuahua but it sometimes pulls a fluid from its penis, i think it could be syphilis or gonorrhea. my question is: CAN SYPHILIS OR GONORRHEA BE TRANSMITTED BY THE DOG?? i mean, if i touch its fluid and i have a cut in my finger....please help me!!
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I do not think it's possible for your dog to have syphilis or gonorrhea. Those are human diseases.
But your dog could have inflammation of his penis. That is called "Balanitis". It could be quite painful for your dog. The best idea is to take him to the vet to be checked.
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i know that some dogs got syphilis but it's normal. my question is if it is possible to contrast it from my dog...
im really nervous because maybe i touched it
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Mel, syphilis is a human disease.  Dogs can have brucellosis, a sexually transmitted dog disease which humans can contract, however the contact that you described is not enough for you to have gotten if even if it was the problem.  Your dog more than likely has some type of infection that, even though it's not syphilis, DOES need to be treated by your veterinarian, however you needn't worry about getting syphilis (or much of anything else) from your dog with normal dog/owner contact.  

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