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my neighbours dog bit me on my hand yesterday what to do?

my neighbour says dog is vaccinated but when in looked at the medical history copy of dog vaccine record it looks like dates are overwritten, what should i do, should i myself got anti rabies shots, or wait for dog to show some symptoms, is it advisable to get shots even if dogs been vaccinated, will the anti rabies shots harm me if i got shots without any any infection, usually they say to  get shots on day zero, now its going to complete 2 days without anti rabies shots, please advice me as early  as possible, how long can one wait after dog bite for anti rabies shot.
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I got ***** for anti rabies after approximately 44 or 45 hrs of bite. My doctor said it's not going to of any use. Is it true
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I am sorry guprit. You must feel quite scared at the moment. I found information published by the Immunization Action Coalition
which says that the preventative shots should be started ideally 24-48 hours after a suspicious animal bite or saliva contact.
So you were within that "window" it seems. And it's likely there is a little leeway each side of that time frame.
You may have to receive follow-up shots as well.

But you did act quite quickly which is good.

Keep in touch if possible, with the owners of the dog which bit you, to keep track of the dog's health.
If the dog hasn't shown signs of illness (rabies-type) in 10 days or so, then you will be able to relax.
I wish you all the best.
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I would say on the plus side, this isn't an unknown dog.  It's your neighbors. The chances of this dog having rabies is really low.  
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