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now my dogs not eating or drinking

Hi im hoping for some advice or help or anything really. Im not sure where to go from here. sorry if my story gets to long. i have a five year old pit bull who is the sweetest thing . She is fighting so hard to live. In Oct . she started feeling bad everytime my other dog go around her she would yelp . I just thought she didnt want to be messed with. A couple of days went by and she got worse laying around not wanting to do much so we brought her to the Vet. The vet said they thought she must have hurt her neck some how Because it seem stiff. They gave her rimadyl and methocarbamol . Ones for pain and the others is a muscle relaxation. So i started giving her the meds and she olny seemed to get worse. Two days after starting the meds she peed on her bed which she never does and she was just laying in it which she never does . It had a fishy smell . So I called the vet the vet said she must have a uti so the gave me ciprofloxacin. I started giving her it and with in a week she had a 105 fever. Needless to say I ound another vet.to take her to . I took her in and the kept her for a week put her on fluids and diid all kinda of test on her . They said she had rocky moutain spotted fever which caused her to get thrombocypenia.( low platelet count) aftetr five days she was doing better so they sent her home . They put her on doxycycline, prednisone,and famotidine. she did  well for about 2 weeks she had her enrgy back she was her self  Till she started throwing up and had watery stool. so we took her back  put her back in the vet which she stay five more days did all kinds of test and every thing came back normal . We did some research on our own and we thought it could be pancreatitis which the vet said that souned right so we brought her home and put her on this dog food low in fat . that  was 12 -12-12 when we brought her back home. We were told to add her food back in alittle bit at a time . She was doing great back to her old self. til Chrismas eve and she started throwing up again. So we called the vet she said bring her in so we did the gave her a shot of cerenia. . That help with the throwing up . but she still will not eat or dink . so i called the vet and she gave us cerenia pills and she told us to get some omeprazole (acid reducer). so we did and Im here right at my witts end .she is now getting dehydrated and  she wont eat or drink I have tried every thing. .  The last time we were at the vet she said all her blood work looks fine the only thing left was to do exploratory  surgery . she said she might  not even make it threw it . The vet also said this could be stomach cancer or pancreaatic casncer. but the could not tell me for sure with out goin in and looking....Im at a loss shes my baby and I have already paid so much in to her. Im in forclosure because all the vet bills. ( over $4000) I just need some one to help in any way they can (advice ) I just dont want my dog to suffer anymore I love her like she  is my child.....Thank you for any thing you can offer.
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... I want to tell you how very sorry I am that you are having to go through all this. I have two female pugs and they are my 'babies' too! They are going to be ten years old this coming March. You didn't mention how old your dog is. I had another pug that was 16 years old (several years back) that I finally put to sleep. She couldn't pee or poo on her own any longer - she was completely deaf and going blind but as long as she wasn't suffering I held onto her and took care of all her needs. When I found a quickly enlarging growth on she tummy, I knew that she would probably not make it through surgery ... and even if she did, I wouldn't be able to push on her abdomen in order to empty her bladder since there would be an incision there. I believe that most creatures let us 'know' when it's time. The fact that your pet isn't eating or drinking causes me the worst concern for her. Dehydration can set in very quickly ... and that is a terrible condition to suffer. You could try purchasing a childs medicine syringe (at any drug store) and attempt squeezing water directly into her mouth and see if she will swallow. I'm glad that you took her to a different vet - it's always a good choice when the first one isn't getting any positive results. You and the vet have a decision to make. You have already spent a great deal of money and effort to help your 'girl.' Now you need to decide just how much further you are prepared to go - or I should say, how much further you can afford to go - while watching your beloved pet losing her health. A dogs instinct is to try and 'hide' their sickness. So no matter how awful you think she feels, chances are she probably feels even worse. She can't make any choices for herself - you are going to have to do that for her at some point. Through all of this you have shown your love for her by holding on. Prepare yourself for the possibility that you may have to dig deeper to find the greatest love of all ... the love to let her go. If and when that time comes, don't doubt any of the choices you've made ... you made them all out of your affection for her! Bless you for being such a caring pet owner!! :-)  I wish everyone could be so committed and resposible. I wish you all the very best ... take care!
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I'm so sorry for the situation.  I agree with 4slenderthread, it might be time to let the dog go.  She is so sick, and you have tried everything.  There comes a time.  I am so sorry.  
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