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paw pad injury

my roommates dog got a sizable cut on the very inner edge of her paw pad that extended into her foot. he was away for the weekend but returning the next day. it was sizable but not huge, not bigger than any my dog has had in the past, so after cleaning it i decided i would wrap it up and let him make the decision when he got back. i used a sterile gauze pad, gauze wrap and vet wrap. the next day i showed the wound to him and he said that he would prefer not to take her, i was leaving the next day so i showed him how to wrap her foot (i had worked at a clinic a while back and did many of these) i knew that paw pad skin heals a little differently and take a while so i told him to keep a close eye on it and to watch for infection. when i returned several days later i took a look at the pad and the deep paw wound seemed to be healing well but the paw pad part was a little odd. it seemed like the paw pad had healed under the cut so that now there is a little flap of skin/pad on the inner edge of her pad. im worried  that this will cause problems later. it seems like things can get stuck in there and that it could be very irritating and painful. im also concerned that it could cause further problems, get torn off or be a such an irritant that it would have to be removed. is there anything particular that can be done now at home or anything we should know about how the paw pad heals. he has been keeping it wrapped up but i am not sure that will make a difference at this point (its been about 9 days since it happened).... any recommendations? should i have made him go get her paw glued?
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My dog got a paw pad cut a couple of days before your roommate's dog did.  What I know now is that what it looks like at nine days is not what it will look like when it is fully healed.  It's been almost a month now, and you can't even see where it happened.  But nine days out, there was a ridge on the paw pad.  Sorry I didn't know this at the time you posted.  I hope your roommate's dog is alright now.
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I do not have any specific knowledge on our problem, but as there have been no responses I assume those with more experience can't comment even after your good effort to "draw a picture" with words.

My experience with humans with deep cuts, haven't had the experience with any of my dogs, is they need a stitch (maybe glue? - I don't know the latest) or two to close them for proper healing.  It sounds a to me that is what was needed in for the subject dog.

I say better late than never, if the wound doesn't look good, take the dog to the vet, as is also said, pay me now or pay me later - later is usually more expensive and painful.
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