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please help my heart is broken

please help my dog used to be bubbly bright n full of beens more then ur usuall dog wen she bacame ill and slow we rushed her to the vets with SUSPECTED yucca plant eating but also did say she eats everuything n site the vet gave her shots for the yucca plant n sent her home with tabs that would cure her apperently she was bad all nite n the next morning just layed there there then passed a huge n i mean huge amount of thick very dark blood from her bum we rushed her bk to the vets who didnt no wat was wrong they started her on an iv n said she perked up slighty but she passed more blood and went into a fit before she died please please give me sum kind of answear as wat happened to her wer hearet broken n im scared for my other dog who had the all clear for parvo please help i cant sleep thinking of this and her in pain after the stupid vet sent us home with her i feel she could have been saved if he had done his job properly also she was vomiting and had a very load n fast heart beat
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thank you both for your kind words and i do agree n sumthings but wat upsets me the most is that we had only just lefts the vets two mins and she passed without us being there we brought her n the nite she got sick withen minutes we had an out of hours em vet meet us at the surgery he did nothin but check her temp n heart beat n sent us home with tablets for her n my dog my mum stayed up with her al nite n then i took over n the morning wen i got up i noyiced her heart beat was very load she got up of the coach n went n laid n the utility room with the heater on for her i keep checkmn on her n noticed her heart beat was very load n fast so i wrang the same vet from that nite n he said shed b fine n a few days n there was no need to bring her bk n then 5mins later so bleed we rushed her up to the same surgery wit dif vet wrkn he took her n gave her iv only n told us to come bk at 2 (after lunch)wen we went up we both went n to see her i then went n with my other for check up n vacc boost just incase it was parvo then we left 5mins later the vet wrang shes passed away so we rushd straight bk up the vet told us he was with her wen she passed first then said he was gne to get meds to stop her fit but she died n the process AND THEN said hed recorded her fitting on his phone and did we wanna see it i nearly drop with sock im so angry and feel the nesserey procedures wer not taking they to save her no exra r scans nutin
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Hi quinny , I'm so sorry for your loss - for your pet to die in these circumstances is heartbreaking.  If her illness was related to eating something poisonous  (yucca , ratbait , whatever)  the damage was irreparable.  For her to pass a large amount of blood , sounds like something inside ruptured , so that nothing the vet could have done would have saved her.   As she also had fast heartbeat and vomiting , again , she would need to be stabilized before surgery was even possible.  It is  a blessing that her suffering passed quickly and she wasn't ill for days or weeks.  I do understand that you'd like an "answer" , or to be able to blame the vet.  I hope that your grief passes soon , and am happy to hear that you have another dog to help you get through this period.
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  I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved fur baby! I can't say what happened but to guess I might say something in the bowel area because of all the blood, she was a very sick girl and not in pain now. If you did all you could do and comforted her to the end with your presence then you helped her go home and she knew how much you loved her. Sometimes these things just simply happen. Blame won't bring her back or change anything or help you get through it, that will take time honey. I have felt the pain as so many here have so we know what you are going through and many stages of grieving can take. Her love for you is still with you as you hold her in your heart, nothing can take that away ever, if you need to talk keep reaching out dear. Take care <3 <3
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