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pug puppy cough

We have a 8 week old pug puppy who has had her first shots.  She has developed a cough that sounds barky and gaspy, her little nose is pretty dry.  She did spend the day with the grand children and probably played a lot.  Is the cause for alarm?
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Could be kennel cough if she was around other dogs. This can be serious if left go. Call your vet tuesday. They can give her a shot.
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when my puppy got her first shots she did the same, my vet said it was from the shots but always be safe call your vet ask them.
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Update on Nessarose, she had pneumonia.  Which they said she probably had from the breeders.  And a heart murmur and there is a chance her chest want develop large enough for her organs, due to her sternum.  Her outside potting training had to be put on hold, and she is paper training.  She can't get chilled, if she does she has a relapse and the pneumonia gets worse.  The heart murmur becomes more pronounced when the pneumonia flares up.  She has now seen 4 vets all with different opinions.  Fortunately the one we have trusted for 25 yrs thinks she will be just fine with a little extra tlc.  She has doubled her weight since we got her.  The breeder, stood behind her. and offered to take her back.  When the saw how attached we were, they refunded the money 100% and gave us Nessarose, which did cover most of the er vet cost.  They were a nice family privately breeding and not a puppy mill.  We really beleive it was just an unfortunate incident.  Thanks for your offer of support.  Unfortunately these crisis don't seem to happen when the vets office is open, and the emergency vet it so expensive you hate to turn there first.
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I'm so glad you figured it out. You sound like wonderful Pet Parents. Thank you for taking care of her...I wish you years of happiness together.....Karla
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