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skin infection in labrador

animal -dog
breed- labrador
age- 3 year

he has got a skin infection or some kind of resistance has been developed superfically on the skin, and i have tried every kind of lotion and medicine nothing has  been able to affect or remove it
any help please

This discussion is related to Dog strange symptoms need help.

This discussion is related to Dog strange symptoms need help.
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Welcome to the forum......This infection is serious.....You don't give enough details about what you have tried or if this dog has seen a Vet and/or what he/she has recommended or how long he has had this.....

You need to know if this is truly an infection (Or not) and ideally, exactly which bacteria if so.

The ONLY way to get to the bottom of this is a skin scrape from your Vet....You must have them check for Mites, Mange, Fungus and bacteria....One test will show all.....If it's bacteria, a culture/sample needs to be sent off to see which bacteria so the correct antibiotic can be used.....

The puss pockets are an indication of a Staph infection.....Oral antibiotics are a must, but again, the correct one has to be chosen.....Staph can spread quickly.....The scaling however, reminds me of Mange.....The black though, looks like fungus.....

As you can tell, it's impossible to determine without a skin scrape.....They do not cost much & oral antibiotics will not break the bank.....You really need to get this under control & quickly.....

If you have any other info., please let us know......Please, update us when you can....Thanks, Karla

Is this your guy's tummy in the photo?

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yes it is a picture of my dogs tummy
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i hav tried like 4 vets and numerous medicines like wokazole ,clozole, antibiotics, cetirizine, wysolone, bendex etc
but it never fully cured some times sizes of spot varies .

i wl try to get skin tested asap
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Since this is a tummy, give alot of thought to something she's laying on that may be causing the reaction......It's possible that this is an allergic reaction.....Where does she lay most of the time???

I don't recognize any of the medications you listed, so I can't help you there......I'm sorry....

Think about her dogfood.....Are you feeding as high of quality as you can????

I don't think this is Mange/Mites....They are normally NOT on tummy......Staph Infections are, however....

The skin scrape is done with a tiny razor...They deeply scrape a small area of the inflamed skin, onto a slide......Under a microscope, the Vet will be able to look for bacteria, mites or fungus...Please, let me know what you find out or come back with any questions you may have....Karla

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This might be caused by mange (mites), the scabbing of your dog's skin indicates so. I have the same experience with my dog. I brought him to the vet, he gave my dog 3 session of mange shots. Consult your vet about it too.
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