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trouble walking

My dog is 12 that I know of ,she is a cross between a border collie and a papion . Just recently she has started to not limp but have trouble shifting from foot to foot as she walks ,not real bad but noticeable .She doesn't whimper or yelp just goes about walking . My friend s father-in-law has a farm with cows and horses and has had for many years , he has asked if I know of a product called Beaut or Bute  it gives the animals relief from pain. I am asking if that is a recommended product for a little dog. She is about  the height of a poodle but a lil heavier ,black with 4 white sock type paws with one of the front paws having a higher white than the rest of her paws. Can anybody recommend anything to help her to return to regular walk pace?
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I don't know the product but know there are over the counter dog joint meds for dogs, see them advertised and generally available at pet supply sellers.
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The product BUTE is used for cattle and horses, other livestock for
laminitis, it is a pain reliever and comes in a tube, the one I used was
a paste but I used it on my horse when she pulled a muscle/tendon
in her leg but this was what MY VET told me to use for her as well as
doing other things.
Don't know if it would be a good thing for a dog, seems if I read this
post right your dog is having problems walking, pick up one foot then
shift and walk with the other?
It's hard to say what is going on without an exam by a vet as it may be
a problem in his legs(?) or in his back which can also cause a problem
walking. No way to know without a manipulation or possible X-ray(?)
sorry couldn't help more best thing would be see your vet as this might
progress and become worse over time.
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Also another thought, could she have gotten a cut on her pads or some
other thing caught in between the pads of her feet? Your fur kid is also
getting up there in age so she might have a touch of stiffness in her
joints so many things to consider.
Please let us know how things go after you see your vet and how she is
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