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wont eat gotten wrost HELP

i have a year n half year old dog

hes finding it hard to eat only thing hes eating it cat meat. only nibbs at a time i take him to vets they dont know whats wrong with himhis blood temp fine heart fine urine test fineit may be viral given him antibiotics but  if he hasnt gotten any better the vet senting blood test away
hes peeing and drinking hes leaking lost weight looks like hes dieing. hes amazing dog loves pig hunting wouldnt hurt any one he was just my buddy n want to do ever thing i can to help him please help
thank you
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Sorry to here about your young dog being sick, It sounds like you have done everything right here. I'm sure the blood tests will tell you what is going on. You are a good owner and I pray everything will be fine for your good friend.
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I really hope your dog will be ok.
Did they test him for Lyme disease?
Lyme disease (from an infected Tick bite) can easily infect a dog who is outside a lot, in the undergrowth or fields, woods, etc.
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