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Anxiety! A swollen lymph node

Hello all. I know this is a lot of text to go through but I am doing my best to provide a good understanding of my situation. I will appreciate all inputs/suggestions.

I felt a swollen lymph node around 20th June this year. I showed it to my general physician on 28th June and he confirmed it is a swollen cervical lymph node one the left of my neck. But by feeling it he didn't show any signs of concerns and told me it seems normal. He then suggested an ultrasound by a radiologist. But still said its fine.

The radiologist told me that just one swollen lymph node has no significance at the same time she said that when a lymph node is swollen that means there is something unusual. ME= SUPER CONFUSED. This happened in the first week of July.

My GP referred me to referred me to an ENT specialist and I had an appointment on the 28th of July. The ENT's assistant tried feeling lymph other lymph nodes in the jaw, throat, back of the head, arm pits but there weren't any. After that the ENT asked me whether I was ever exposed to TB. He then inserted something into my nostril  I wired camera I guess for further examination) but he said everything was fine and nothing to worry about.

I was also asked about my family's cancer history and have I ever been treated for HIV/HPV. My answer to that was no! I have never had any sexual relationship (no sexual intercourse). However in the month of April I was with my friend we deep kissed and she performed unprotected oral on me. But that doesn't cause any of those. A negative Rapid test got rid of that anxiety for me.

So my major concern is the ONE PERSISTENT SWOLLEN SERVICAL lymph node which I till today can feel and it is very palpable. It is INVISIBLE AND CAN ONLY BE NOTICED WHEN TOUCHED. No pain and tender to feel. It is harder when I wake up in the morning and seems tender throughout the day. What can it be? This anxiety is killing me and is affecting my everyday productivity.
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