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Bone Suction

I've has a hearing test today and i've has the special head piece that goes behind your ear and over to the left hand side of my head. I was supposed to press the button if i've felt the vibration but i never did. the lady that did it asked some questions about my past and that she said i guessing you haven't had Bone Suction before and i said no. Please can you let me know what Bone suction is before i panic? Thank you
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She was no doubt saying bone CONDUCTION, not suction. Sound waves are transmitted in two ways: through the air (via your ear canals) and through bone (your skullbone).

This is why when you plug your ears and tap your teeth (hard to do, I know), you can still hear the tapping very well. The sound is being transmitted through your skullbone directly to your inner ear.

Audiologists always test bone conduction (with the piece that goes behind your ear, resting on the bone behind it). This helps them figure out whether your hearing problem is in your middle ear or your inner ear.

You are supposed to press the button if you HEAR a sound, not feel vibrations.

No panic necessary! :) Just ask the audiologist (or ENT) to explain the results of your testing.
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