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CT results explanation

Past medical history: Repeated sinus infections prior and post sinus surgery. Allergies to typical animals/outdoor. Do not smoke, exposed to second hand smoke as a child. Socially drink.
2016 sinus surgery. Polypectomy, Excision of the left inferior turbinate, concha bollusa & septoplasty
CT findings 2017. 1.5 year post op
Frontal sinuses are clear. Opacification of the left posterior ethmoid
sinuses. Moderate left anterior ethmoid sinus mucosal thickening. Minimal
right ethmoid sinus mucosal thickening. Polypoid mucosal thickening/mucous
retention cysts along the bilateral maxillary floors with moderately extensive
left maxillary sinus mucosal thickening. Subtotal opacification left sphenoid
sinus. Right sphenoid sinus is clear. No discrete air-fluid levels. No bony
erosion or osteitis.

Moderate rightward nasal septal deviation. No concha bullosa. Opacification of
the left sphenoethmoidal recess. Right sphenoethmoidal recess is patent.
Right anterior ostiomeatal unit is patent. Left maxillary sinus ostium and
ethmoid infundibulum are opacified. Nasopharynx is patent.

Orbital floors, lamina papyracea, lateral lamella, fovea ethmoidalis, and
cribriform plates appear intact. Globes and remainder of the orbits are
grossly unremarkable.

Limited evaluation of the intracranial structures is grossly unremarkable.
Mastoid air cells and middle ear cavities are clear. The internal auditory
canals are symmetric bilateral.
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