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Can't swallow without choking/food getting stuck


For about half a year my mouth and throat have been so dry/inflammed and/or structurally messed-up that I cannot sit and swallow food without little bits (or more) getting lodged in the pharynx.  It's gotten to the point where little bits always feel like they are going down trachea.  I can't eat out anymore or around my family because I need to make a terrible hacking noise after every swallow to prevent choking.

FWIW I have had HORRENDOUS allergies, allergic rhinitis/sinusitis, post-nasal drip my whole life, and for much of it I've been taking nasal steroid sprays and antihistamine sprays.  I wonder if it is the persistent nasal condition and/or the ingredients in the nasal sprays that have permanently messed up my pharynx.  I don't know if excipients (benzalkonium chloride-a preservative) or the medication (corticosteroids) have irritated the tissue or caused some bad sub-clinical infection over many years.

Anyway, I HAVE seen doctors... brought this up to two... one told me it was nothing and I should use a nasal lubricant... other one ordered cookie swallow, UGI, and abdominal ultrasound.  All normal.  The cookie swallow upsets me, because with the barium milk stuff and a lorna doone cookie (which I chewed completely), I wouldn't have this trouble anyway.

Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, advice?  If I have to go on a liquid diet (such as Ensure drinks, or whatever), will I get dyscrasias and die or something?  I'm pretty freaked out.
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its stress no worries drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluids daily... ihave the same problem the scary thing is my nose is always stuffy  and im alway woried imma choke and die ..good luck
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Hi there;

To me it sounds like something to do with your esophogus. I had the exact same problm myself a year and a half ago. I have GERD and a hiatal hernia which causes similar things. I went to a gastroentorologist who ordered me an upper GI scope, and he found a narrowing of my esophogus, which he opened up. Ever since then, it's been better.

I would actually go see another Gastro specialist, or even an ENT doctor (otolaryngologist) to get a second opinion. It seems very odd to me considering your symptoms that your tests would come back normal. I would keep checking in with different doctors until I found one who could help. I know how scary it is to think you're going to choke while eating... it scared me senseless.

Good luck to you!
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