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So for the past year I have progressively felt worse, very fatigued. Until a few months ago I came down with a full on sinus infection where the first day I had a massive migraine (have never had one before) and was vomiting. Ever since that day I haven't felt healthy but it hasn't escalated to migraine or vomiting again. I have facial, and teeth pain everyday which are obvious sinus troubles, and when the headache starts to set in I get a horrendous taste in my mouth and my nose runs uncontrollably. The way my face looks is probably the thing that disturbs me the most, I look so ugly!! I have these diagonal dark creases under my eyes where there is a bulge above them (sinus swelling?) its hideous!!!! I don't feel or look good, period. I have been to an ENT and had sinus scan which showed inflammation of sinuses. Had allergy test done (the blood test) and showed i have no allergies. I don't know if there is more extensive allergy testing that an actual allergist can do, but thats whats been done thus far. My ENT put a scope through my sinuses and found i have acid reflux. I refuse to take proton pump inhibitors because who wants the horrible long term side effects? I have tried apple cider vinegar orally and even a splash in my neti pot. Ive quit the acv and the nasonex my ENT gave me because it was useless. I use my neti pot with the saline rinse it came with everyday. theres some relief after a hot shower and my neti pot but thats it. I kind of notice that my symptoms are really bad at my place of work, to the point where i have been having to leave for home because of nausea and headache. But APPARENTLY i have no allergies.. I've read countless forums and blogs where people have these symptoms for years.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? years?? Even after sinus surgery? I mean, if it comes to the point where my ent suggests surgery i'll obviously do it but it doesn't seem like it helps anyone.. are medical professionals just lazy?? trying to make a quick buck off my countless visits and prescriptions?
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Hi, the aim of any therapy whether conservative or surgical is to facilitate drainage of sinuses. Sinusitis can be treated conservatively with medications to reduce congestion. If this fails then surgery is the only option to facilitate drainage of the sinuses. If the sinuses drain inadequately, the secretions tend to accumulate and will lead to infections and sinusitis. You can maintain a diary initial to see if any triggers are causing your symptoms and if you notice anything you can consult an allergist, to confirm the allergic reactions. Regards.
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