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Hearing in one ear isn't nearly as detailed as hearing in the other

For years now I've noticed that the hearing in my right ear isn't nearly as detailed as the hearing in my left ear. This is especially apparent when I put music on or talk. When listening to music it often sounds like all of the music is coming out of the left speaker or headphone driver (putting on headphones backwards still makes music sound like it's coming out of the left driver) which can really prevent me from enjoying music. And when I speak to people my own voice can be heard loud and clear in my left ear but not at all in my right.

So obviously I have some type of hearing problem but I can't figure out what. I've taken frequency tests using high-quality headphones and in both ears I can hear up to 15 khz and nothing past which apparently is quite normal for someone in their late 20s. However, most frequencies sound louder in my left ear than in my right.

The main thing I can think of that could be responsible for this hearing problem of mine are the many ear infections I've gotten throughout my life. I used to get them all the time, especially after having baths, but now I use earplugs when bathing which has prevented me from getting any in a long time. If my problem's due to multiple ear infections, is there any surgery, hearing implant, etc. that could be done for me to hear more detail in my right ear? I remember being told by a doctor that I have unusually narrow ear canals which makes me wonder if perhaps my right ear canal is smaller than my left one. If that indeed is the case, could something be done to make my right canal larger? This could be the problem as I can hear a bit more detail when my right ear lobe is pulled.

I wonder . . . is it common to have better hearing in one ear than in the other? This problem, which is far from being my only medical problem, only does more to make me feel like an oddball.

At this point I think I'm ready to seek out professional help but wished to ask about this here so I could know in advance what the problem could be as my curiosity is killing me. To just know what I have would make me feel much better.
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