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I found a treatment for chronic fungal ear infections?

If anyone else has chronic fungal ear infections especially after several rounds of antibiotic/steroid ear drops this may help. My SO had this happen and the antifungal drops did not work, neither did surgery, or the oral RX antifungal that is so hard on the liver. I did some research (since I had a boxer with skin fungal issues that would not resolve with the vet and I had successfully treated him with several natural antifungals) and ordered the following supplements for human consumption.
Caprylic acid, Oregano oil, Pau D'Arco inner bark, Black walnut hull, and Olive leaf extract.
I had him start with one pill in the am and pm for three days then add another for three days then repeat, repeat. So he now takes 5 pills am and 5 pm and has for almost 3 weeks. His ear has stopped draining, does not feel full of liquid, and seems resolved. He can now go for a cat scan (if he still desires) to check for mastoiditis as the Dr. advised to do once the ear dried up. Of course we waited weeks and it would not dry up with the dr. ordered drops, didn't until about 2 weeks into the supplements. My theory was that the antifungal drops only kill the live fungus and once it was resolved and you returned to normal care the spores would begin to grow again in the natural moisture of the ear, so I figured the way to get rid of it was to continually flood the system with antifungals so that the spores even though they might "awaken" in the moisture of the ear, would be unable to grow and would be naturally flushed from the ear with our normal drainage/wax process. He also stopped all drops when he started the herbals because the steroids irritate the tissue and make it susceptible and we wanted the normal tissue, and wax production to return since together they prevent pathogen invasion under normal circumstances.
Obviously, don't use these if you have or suspect an allergy, they make you sick, or you have spoken to a doctor and they advise against it. I just wanted to share that it seems to be working for him after over a year of battling aspergillus in his ear. ~ good Luck!
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