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I have been reading posts on here since October 07 so I am new and decided to tell my story of LPR.  It all started in September 07, I got a really bad sinus infection that started in my nasal sinuses.  I live on the West Coast and traveled back east to see family and then to North Carolina.  I was having stomach problems prior but did not think it was anything serious.  So airline travel and swimming in the ocean are all part of this.

Here is the timeline.  I turned 41 in May.  June - I had a sore throat for 6 weeks, went to my primary doc in early July.  She asked if I had stomach problems I said no.  I was prescribed a Z-Pak (5 day antibiotic) for the sore throat.  My stomach did not feel right, I did eat yogurt and all that.  So now this is mid - July.  I was watching tv about a week after finishing the Z-Pak and my throat started spasm, cinching up is the best way to describe it.  I was really scared had no idea, went back to a different doctor in the practice, he gave me Aciphex.  I tried it for 1 week and had a worse sore throat.  Granted the doctor at this time did not say I had lpr, or communicate anything to me, I described my systems, gave me Aciphex and went on my way.  So the then this is Mid-August and we started traveling.  I had the Aciphex but did not like it, because I did not know and took Pepcid AC.  Came home, mid September got the bad sinus infection, could not breath, taste, smell horrible, worst ever.  Perscibed Cefuxime Axitel (antibiotic), 6 days into that my throat and ears swelled up, bad ear infection both ears, a childhood illness.

I did not mess around went to a young and new ENT was on Augmentin 875mg for 24 days tried Nasocort AQ and Afrin, actually I could not breath on these, seemed to make it worse.  I do not like either one of these and did not find them effective, tried these for 4 weeks, no results.  Finished that my stomach was on edge, I had lunch out, came home that evening and acid welled up into my throat. My ears have been popping and clicking everytime I swallow since mid-September, by the way.

Now this is early October, went back to ENT - had the nasal endoscopy and she said my laynx, red and swollen, she said the PPI would help my ears, but it would take a couple of months.  I was shocked, never heard of this before she told me to take 1 Prevacid - in the morning, well my insurance would not pay for this so I struggled on the samples and then went to Prilosec for 1 week this was during the month of November.  

Last week of November finally got into to see my Internist.  He started a new approach 2 Protonix a day with or without food, and Allegra D 24 hour.  The Allegra D worked great but not with my stomach, I became dizzy, nausea, headache.  So I am staying with Protonix only 2 times a day  and I just keep eating food, I did loose 10 pounds with all this.  I have gained about 2 back, I am a small person and did not want to loose weight.

So it has only been 6 weeks on double Protonix.  I am not sure if November on 1 PPI a day counts for anything in all this.  I have also been working out at a club to reduce stress and keep my immune system up.

Every morning I wake up and hope to be better - not yet.

My symptoms today: Swollen larynx, popping and clicking in my ears, feeling of swollen under my chin.  I have had blood tests chest, sinus x-ray and a CT sinus scan, they all normal, I get more results from the CT scan tomorrow.

When does the swollen larynx and ears go away? I feel like a loser and that I am the only one with this horrible feeling.  I see my internist tomorrow, so if anyone has any advice and hope please do share, thank you...m41
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The ear issues could be resolved through the use of Tubes. Those carry a set of issues too. But those are issues you need to decide if you want to live with or not.

A lot of ENTs can do them as an office procedure on adults.

Regarding the rest... no idea.
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Thanks for responding, I also went to Sonus, they provide free hearing tests.  My right ear has eustachian tube dysfunction, but not my left, this is all from the LPR  I think...I will have more answers tomorrow after my doc., appt.  I was a healthy person until all this...
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