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MRI or CT? Sinus infection

I am constantly spitting out thick, clear mucous which, from my research on the internet, I suspect might be a fungal sinus infection. I've had a CT scan done which showed "slight mucosal thickening" and a right deviated septum (which I never had before this came on a year ago) - but nothing "major". The thing is that this IS major - I'm constantly spitting it out and I feel a pressure under my eyes because of it - and I can even see my nasal bone has been expanded or pushed out - like it's under pressure from all the mucous on the inside.

I am asking whether an MRI scan would show different results to the CT scan, as I've read MRI's are more sensitive to this non-hardened mucous, unlike CT's which shows up more dense material such as bone..

Please would someone which knowledge with MRI or CTs - if you've had either one done on your sinuses please help.
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It sounds to me like your CT scan was rather reassuring.  "Slight mucosal thickening" is nothing at all.  Furthermore, a deviated septum does not just "come on".  Either you were born with it or you have suffered trauma.  No one's septum is perfectly straight.  In that sense, we all have deviated septa.

MRIs are rarely used for evaluating sinuses since they tend to exaggerate the findings.  

Why does thick, clear mucous lead you to suspect a fungal infection?  I think you may be down the wrong path.  What did the ENT doc say?
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Tend to exaggerate the findings? Don't see how this is possible?

The doctors don't know what it is but it really annoying spitting out a load of clear mucous every time I eat or drink something. The bone in my nose has actually started to expand and there are two bumps underneath my eyes.

This all started when I think I smoked moldy cannabis, which leads me to think fungal infection. An ENT just used an endoscope to find polyps, which there were none...

The thing is I do not get how this can only be a "slight" mucousal thickening - when I do friggys sinus rinse (on this site) - I get a bucketload of thick mucous out every time - its quite unbelieveable the amount I get out.

I can't find anything on the internet that matches the same symptoms as mine... looks like I'm the only one with this thick, clear constant post nasal drip. I fail to believe that a scan could not pick up on this amount of mucous, which leads me to believe an MRI scan would be able to detect the density of my sort of mucous better as I've read that MRI's pick up better on soft tissue inflammation.

Luciz is being 8 years since you posted this health problem can you please update to know what you find out.
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MRIs show tissue that is very full of fluid -- like the lining of your sinuses -- as being very thick and bright.  In that sense, it tends to exaggerate things and sinus disease gets diagnosed (sometimes) where there really is none.

I have seen some of the things that "friggy" has recommended that people put in their noses/sinuses on these forums.  It would not surprise me one bit if this stuff is itself causing inflammation and mucus production.  Reconsider taking advice about what to put in your nose from someone who apparently offers no credentials.
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Hi Luciiz

Sorry the sinus flush didn't work out for you.  Don't consider it a failure, as you can probably, although not certainly, take another path than microbial or fungal infection.

Another small possibility, and I am only suggesting unusual things that your otherwise excellent doctors might not find, due to their specialization (after all, you're not looking for credentials, you're looking for a cure), is an endocrine imbalance, as suggested by the mucus buildup after you eat and drink.  There is an endocrinologist, Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, who has written books on the subject, and there are exact parallels in Chinese medicine, and I believe it has to do with insulin.

There's an easy test for it (NOTE: Don't try this if you're diabetic) and that is to cut out sugar, fruit, dairy products (lactose is a sugar), products made with white flour, white rice, and high starch vegetables for about three days. Basically, eat protein, green veggies, beans, whole grains, and high-fiber stuff, and drink water.  See if you get better.  If you do, drink a chocolate milkshake and see if you get immediately worse.

You may also try a different doctor or an allergist, as they may not be better or smarter, but have different experience.
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Did you ever find out what was wrong and if there was a cure?
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