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My right ear has been not as loud as my left ear for several weeks now?

My right ear doesn't seem to be as loud as my left ear, especially when listening to music with low frequency bass response. When I hum at a low pitch, I can only feel vibrations from my throat go to my left ear, not my right. This has been happening for the past several weeks, and I had recently been to a doctor to check my hearing, and he said it was fine. I think the major issue might be headphone use. I do use headphones moderately, but at low volumes. An issue I would think of is the clamping force of my headphones might be too much for my head, thus blocking my eustachian tube. I tried the Valsalva maneuver, where you close your nostrils and blow air through your mouth, but this has not caused any changes in improving my hearing. I was listening to music on my headphones once at low volumes, and it caused my right ear to ring loudly for several seconds, and after that it had stopped being as loud as my left ear. Sorry for throwing this information out in such a random fashion, but I would really like to know what I can do. Being almost 15, I don't want to lose my hearing at such an early age. Would someone be able to tell me the next best course of action?
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Hi, in an entity called noise induced hearing loss, the hearing loss is due to exposure to either a sudden, loud noise or exposure to loud noises for a period of time. A dangerous sound is anything that is 85 dB or higher. Also, perception of abnormal ear or head noises is termed as tinnitus. Persistent tinnitus usually indicates the presence of sensory hearing loss. Intermittent periods of mild, high-pitched tinnitus lasting for several minutes are common in normal hearing persons. Since your problem has been of a recent origin, it may be a temporary phenomenon. But you can consult an ENT specialist and have your hearing assessed to know the status and clear your doubts. Regards.
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