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Nose fracture

I have broke my nose and there is cartilage or bone sticking out near the top of my nose it is not sore and the skin has not broken. if i break my nose again what are the chances of this bone going through my eye?
I seen my Doctor about my nose but the strange thing is that he did not even take a proper look at my nose he said its just to late to fix in the surgery am i being paranoid but can this bone injure my eye?
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So your nose broke but you didn't get it fixed? What kind of a doctor would just leave it like that? And the doctor didn't even tell you if the bone could cause possible injury to your eye?
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If I were you I would go see another doctor and get it properly checked because you should probably get that fixed somehow, it's probably not real safe to keep it like that. Also, if the bone is somewhat close to your eye then I don't know for sure but it could bring possible injury to your eye. But if your worried that it will in the first place then I'd get it checked again but by a different doctor. If you break it again and it's not fixed before then, then the bone could just go clean through the skin as well, whether it injures your eye or not another break will worsen your current situation somehow, obviously. That wasn't much but hope it helped some. Good luck :)
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