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Pain in Throat on Right Side since November

Hello all,

I'm posting here because I am starting to become really down about situation. I'll provide all the details in the hope someone might know what this could be.

A week before Thanksgiving last year I hooked up with a girl off Tinder after having drinks. We did not have sexual intercourse but we did engage in oral sex, grinding (No condom but no penetration), and we made out as well.

The next morning I had a sore throat, which worsened after I threw up (Strangely no vomit came out but I was heaving into the sink). A week later, white spots appeared on my tonsils and I immediately went to my GP/took an STD test. My STD test came back negative and my GP prescribed me antibiotics/ did a Strep Test as well as a regular culture test which both came back negative. The sore throat went away with the first round of antibiotics but the white spots did not. As soon as I finished the antibiotics the sore throat came back again and this time it was severe, with my tonsils being in extreme pain. My GP gave me another round of antibiotics as well as some shot which I cannot remember what exactly it was, as well as a steroid. Eventually the white spots on my tonsils disappeared and my pain went from a sore throat ---> Tingling Throat ---> pain on only the right side of my throat, along with the feeling of mucus on the right side of the throat. After the New Year I visited two ENT's because this pain only on the right side of my throat had still not gone away. The first ENT used a camera and said that the tissue on my tonsil on the right side was inflamed. After a physical examination he said I needed a Tonsillectomy because it could potentially be lymphoma. The second ENT said there was no chance it was Lymphoma and gave me another antibiotic, Acid-Reflux pills, and Flonase. I went back to my GP to get his opinion, at which point he did blood work to check my white blood cell count and see if it was low to indicate cancer. All my blood-work came back with no abnormal levels. I just finished the antibiotic the second ENT gave me which helped the pain a little, but not a day after the little bit of pain it got rid of has come back.

Does anyone have ANY idea what this could be? I'm not sure if the pain is my actual tonsil on the right side or a piece of flesh near the tonsil. I can put my finger back there but it's hard to pinpoint exactly where it is although it's very distinctly on the right side of my throat. At this point if a Tonsillectomy gets rid of the pain i'm ready to do it but it seems no one really knows what it is, and this pain is starting to interfere with my daily life. Thank you for helping me.

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My mother is currently going through the same thing...but she hasn't had sex with anyone in ages.
They are going to remove her one tonsil as well...they are also thinking cancer.
I would go with the surgery just to be safe...but that's just me.
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