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Please help......

On the 25th of Sept I had Septoplasty reconstructive surgery done.  It's 3 weeks now and my left side is plugged, barely draining.  But my right side, well, it seems to be much much worse.  If I blow a thick yellow gunk comes out, barely, if I can get anything out at all.  I know I shouldn't even be blowing.  But there's an awful, disgusting taste/smell that's attached to it.  Kinda like pneumonia or something.  I'm on my second kind of penicillin which doesn't seem to be helping.  See the surgeon soon.  I seriously worried that they will have to drain my sinuses surgically.  This surgery has been a total nightmare, I'm freaked to go through this again.  Question is if they do have to drain, can the surgeries be so close together?
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Have you seen your surgeon regarding this, I too might have to go for one and now you got me really worried, my friends son had a devaiated nose and his oeration was a success, I have sinus issues and a deviated nose and feel like there is something in my throat all the time my allergy level were high 1666 where it should have been zero to two hundred so now I have to do a few more test for ollen dander, dust and grass, I am ut on demazine for thrity days 1 a day and rednasloane 1 for seven days then half for 7 days and alter nate days half I was debating if I should really take it  should have started on Tuesday, instead I am doing it from today, hoing this would be cured whatever the tickles in throat, and the heavy ressure feeling in throat as well as the dri from nose would clear off.
have you tried to drain it off using a nasal flow, looks like you have got a bad infection, I hoe you get better soon, lease kee us osted of your results.
God Bless you
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Thanx for the well wishes Heather.  I apparently had no septum since birth. I was an avid closeted 'Nasil mist' user till I finally fessed up and went to an E.N.T. specialist.  Where I found out that I needed surgery.
I've been using a rinse yes but hasn't helped the infection.  This morning I woke to bleeding on the left side and the infection still on the right. So now I'm a little concerned.  Seeing the surgeon on Wed so fingers crossed.
I'll keep you posted.  And good luck to you and your decision as well.

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