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Sore Ear, Jaw, and Vertigo

I had been suffering severe vertigo for the past 4 days.  So bad I ended up in the ER one night, and they gave me anti-nausea medication, and told me to check in with my doctor.  My ear didn't look infected.  
Last night, I started having an increase in pain in my ear.  During the day today, it also began to radiate into my face and jaw.  I saw my doctor, today, and he said my ear looks fine, but my throat looked a little red.  It dose hurt more when I chew.
I could possible have a sore throat and not really notice it (I take high doses of pain medicines for an unrelated medical disorder), but I am not running a fever.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this, or have any possible insight?  The pain is very intense.
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Has TMJ been ruled out?  (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)
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TMJ has not been ruled out.  I do have an appointment with a dentist in a couple days.  I do not experience any clicking noise when I bite or chew.

I'm beginning to wonder if it may be an impacted wisdom tooth.  My bottom two showed signs that if they came in, they would be impacted, but were never removed.
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Just because you don't have clicking noices when you bite or chew doesn't mean you don't have TMJ.  There are MANY symptoms of TMJ; one doesn't have to have ALL of them.    

In your earlier post you didn't mention your wisdom teeth; that could be a possibility too.  
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