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TMJ/Patulous Eustachian tubes

Soo heres the story about my situation... I let all 4 of my wisdom teeth grow in, they barely had room... except my back upper right one grew in and pushed the tooth in front of it so its more of at an angle now but its still in a firm position... I went to the dentist earlier this year and go 2 root canals on my bottom teeth and i asked him about that tooth because my breathing seemed a little off in my right nostril, i asked him if it could hinder the oxygen flow and he agreed he said yes it could..... So about 2 weeks ago i was jogging and as i was exhaling air i felt air go through my right ear, this can be REALLY annoying, so i stopped jogging and looked up some stuff online and tried a few things like hanging upside down and it worked but only in small doses.... so now after 2 weeks its still persisting except the only thing is it actually SWITCHES ears, occasionally i'll get that same feeling my left ear and the breath going through but its not quite as bad... i dont think the tube fully opens most of the time unless im jogging or working out hard because as i breath out now i just feel pressure on my right ear side... this is horrible!! what should i do, i kind of suspect the 2 teeth from the root canals are changing my upper jaw structure since there was a lot of pressure and sort of moving things around over time when i chew.... im not certain of this but what else could cause my Eustachian tubes to switch like this? I went to an ENT about the ears but i mean hes not an expert when it comes to TMJ or teeth and he had never even heard of TMJ being related to PET sooo.... i'm not entirely sure i want to go back to the dentist in question because i looked up TMJ specialists and hes no on the list actually there arent any in my city.. should i go back to him and have him refer me? aren't most TMJ specialists familiar with how it effects the ear area? any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated....
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