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Tongue tip pain and hard to move...

20 years ago, I had a small lump removed from the underside of my tongue toward the back - NOT the front.  I lost a bit of feeling in the tongue tip but nothing bad.  

Fast forward twenty years, I wake one day to a very sore tongue.  It eventually centers in the the tip of my tongue, right below where I had lost feeling.  It feels like I have a bubble in there.  There is no visible lump and you can not see much more than a raised section when I flex my tongue tip.  As I talk, that area gets very stiff.  It then aches - like a Charlie horse.  It Nearly freezes my tongue and it hurts!   I have been to 3 ENT’s, my dentist, oral surgeon and even my GP.  I have had tons of blood work done, as well as a CT scan.  I did learn I have the MTHFT gene mutation and started taking methyfolate and other vitamins to help. Overall, though, no issues in my blood that would be related to this condition.  

In June, I had a piece taken out to see what it was.  The ENT said it was odd muscle growth but no cancer.  They took it from the top of my tongue - opened it up and dug down.  6 stitches inside and 6 on top.  Healed up fine and no issues.  BUT, that “bubble” remains there; gets stiff when I talk and hurts.  I don’t care about the bubble.  It getting stiff and aching is what I can’t take.  

I have been taking more b12 and other B vitamins.  Also, magnesium as an idea it’s a tight muscle.  I also tried a muscle relaxer. Not really helping.  

I am at the point that talking hurts so bad I avoid it.  It’s impacting my ability to work.  Does anyone have any ideas where to turn?  I am desperate.  Thank you!
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Wow, that's not a little problem and this is greatly impacting your life!  What if you stopped with the supplements to see if that impacts it?  STranger things have happened and that is the change in your daily routine that you can think of.  If there is no difference, then you know.  

Your doctor has no answers for you? If it is strange muscle growth and it is unneeded, can you remove the muscle growth?  
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Good suggestion!   I did try the “no supplements” and it actually impacted my MTHFR gene mutation condition - made me cranky.  No change with the tongue, either.  They can remove portions of the tongue, but scar tissue then forms, which is tough and hard to move.  If they do that on the tip of my tongue, it may remove the pain, but will also form scar tissue.  Which is the lesser of two evils, right?  Sad...
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Hi maxuhs.
I don't have a definitive answer for you as I  haven't seen you and don't have enough information on your particular case, but I can offer you a suggestion as to something you can try on your own.  As a clinical massage therapist and holistic practitioner, I always try to get to the root of the problem rather than slapping on the Band-Aid waiting for the problem to go away.
The tongue consists of a group of muscles which help it to do it's job. We use our tongue throughout the day  for eating, swallowing, speaking, singing, etc.  Just as any other muscle in the body can get tense and tight causing pain, so too can the muscles in the tongue. You can perform some self massage both internally (inside your mouth) and externally to try to  release the tight muscles in your tongue. This is your body and only you can feel what is going on. Whenever a doctor suggests surgery which seems unnecessary, please run as fast as you can. The majority of ailments one and counters in daily life can easily be  resolved in a gentle, natural way with neither medicine nor surgery. Please let me know if this helps or if you have further questions.
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Sorry that sentence should read:
The majority of ailments one encounters in daily life can easily be resolved in a gentle, natural way with neither medicine or surgery.
Great suggestion!  I tired speech therapy for several months.  Stretching does help but not enough.  I was also injesting aloe in my water to help with the scar.  From there, trying to break it down by massaging it in my fingers.  Again, this being the scar tissue from 20 years ago which is way back on the underside of my tongue.  Also, from the incision from the biopsy I had recently. It helps very little as the spot that is stiff is RIGHT on the end of my tongue tip - not anywhere near the scar tissue from either event.  It’s so frustrating.  :(
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