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Tonsils or Nose?

First, let me thank anyone in advance for lending their time to help me out. So, I've been suffering from halitosis for a while. I'm sure you guys have heard all the set backs that this problem has on people. *****. I'm 21 and I've made it my mission from every day to beat this. So, I've kind of cleared out that it's my mouth that is causing this. I had a deep cleaning, I practice great hygiene. (Electric Toothbrush with Soft bristles, Tea Tree oil on my toothpaste, Scrape my tounge (gently and all the way to the back). Floss, Gargle Lugol's solution in water) Yet, the bacteria still happens to come back and cause my breath to stink. Although, I do believe it's getting a little better.

I am sure that I have Post-Nasal-Drip. I always feel something in my throat. I have practiced friggy's flip-turn sinus flush, and as my mucus comes out clear, I am taking into consideration that it might not be my sinus's. Although, sometimes I do smell a weird, somewhat slightly disturbing smell coming from my nose.

I have picked at my tonsils with a Q-Tip, wet it with warm water and I did manage to get some tonsil stones out. Although, they were fairly small. As I've been pouncing around trying to find the source of my BB, I've always have noticed that I have white coating on my tonsil. I gargled salt water, and poked at it the spot with a Q-Tip and no stones came out. The coating still remains, as a matter a fact it's been there for some time.

I do have one theory for this that I don't want to 100% confirm, but a couple of years ago I was smoking hookah at a friends and as I walked back to my house.. I started to get chills. I laid down for sleep and maaannn, I have a crazy fever. I remember a headache with it as well but the worst part was the fact that I couldn't drink or eat anything due to the pain that it caused when swallowing. I couldn't swallow water without having to psyche myself up, and I had to carry a gatorade bottle to spit out my saliva cause that too was a pain to swallow.

I'm sure an ENT is going to get recommended, and I have gone to my general M.D. who I've known for 10+ years. I've gone to her as a kid and she see's me differently than other patients due to our history. I've explained to her my throat issue but it got tricky because I must admit that I smoked (quit due to BB) marijuana. I think she took it more personal for some reason. She said that my PND was caused by the smoke, and prescribed to me mucinex. Anyways, I killed the whole pack of mucinex, one each morning and night, stopped smoking weed, but I still feel something in my throat.

Wow, if you managed to read through all that. Thank you very much. I deeply appreciate this.
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