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Tuberculosis in Sinuses?

Has anyone heard of TB in the sinuses?  I am having extreme sinus dryness and burning, some bleeding on and off, now the back of my neck and head feels bad like someone grabbing it hard and my neck and head have terrible  sensations.  My spine is now affected and I have terrible sensations like twinges of nerves/pain.  This started with a saliva gland problem then I started having problems with my sinuses.  A dental X-ray did show extreme cloudiness in my sinuses.  An ENT said I had a bacterial infection in my sinuses and put me on antibiotics but my sinuses still have the burning/dry pain and I just keep getting worse. I am wondering about tuberculosis in my sinuses and moving to my spine/neck and muscles.  Anyone familiar with these symptoms or with TB?
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TB in the sinuses is extremely rare.  

Perhaps you aren't responding to the antibiotic because the infection is not bacterial but a viral or fungal infection.  

What antibiotic are you taking?  For how long?  Have you had a CT of the sinuses done?  
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I got itchy burning on the right side of the back of my neck. I can see the inflammation on the skin and the pain was a tingling burning sensation. So bothersome I would have outbursts of yelling outloud to cope with the tingling. It was 10 times worse than the feeling you get when your hands or feet fall asleep and tingle.

The tingling in my neck persisted and seemed to progress around to the front of my neck and the lower chin area.

If you rubbed any part of my body, I felt as if the inflammation could quickly spread to the area of my body that I recently rubbed.

I put hydrocortisone on my neck and during applying the cream, it burned like saltwater on an open sore.

I went to a doctor and he gave me anti-viral med, thought maybe shingles, but I have to wait a couple days before I see him again.

I really relate to the burning tingling in my neck and the same type of burning and tingling in my sinus, and throat. The only difference is these internal tingling doesn't spread. The itching and burning neck however do spread and the pain and inflammation seem progressively more painful.

The meds saved my sanity for at least 4 hours for now.
Earlier this afternoon, all I could do was yell, and pace the floor to try and cope with the pain while waiting in the dr's office. Very embarrassing and conspicuous.

If I find a solution that works I will try and share..


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Did you ever find out what was wrong?  I'm still feeling really bad.  Ginger
I've had almost the exact same situation..only didnt think any other person on the planet..could understand..simply bc mine started after several orthognathic surgeries.and the last one where we had to go in and barely re widen the maxilla..(bc i was having such issues..)  my issue is mostly the r maxillary sinus..chronic infections..have and 2 sinus procedures and several surgeries...to the maxilla and mandible ..as well as total tmj joint replacements...the antibiotics..sometimes can cause sensations..however right now..sinus infection..and it feels like its all in your mucus membranes..all up inside your palate..throat..and skull..its a scary sensation..espec after so much surgery....i also wonder if i could have some weird TB infection...(as i test positive on the skin test.)..just latent..and chest X-rays always normal.however when you have some chronic issue dr unable to solve it does get you wondering...(i also have that burning sensation to back of neck and down the spine..its very weird.....my throat and mouth gets so dry..it is like sandpaper..and i have been in braces for over 6 years...soon to get them off...mutliple surgeries...to the craniofacial area...and palate surgically widened...so no wonder..i have sinus issues...(didnt think anyone else would have the same symptoms..though)....
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Hi ,

No you are not having TB in sinuses but if you should also consult with your ENT for the same.
Have to tested for Chlamydia pneumonia ??

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