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What damage did I inflict to my ear by yanking out corded inner ear headphones?

I was listening to music using corded inner ear headphones and I moved my arm accidentally yanking the headphones out of my ears. My left ear was okay somehow, but my right one felt pain during that incident. I did not move my arm especially fast or anything during that instance but the seal the headphones created in my inner ears made it feel painful when they got yanked out, at least in my right ear. That was a week ago and my right ear is still sensitive to pressure changes or having any type of seal placed on it. I also am sensitive to loud noises in my right ear but it seems to have no hearing loss at all.  

It does not hurt much at all during daily activity and actually I forget that there's anything wrong presuming I'm in a quiet environment. My right ear still cannot handle loud volume so I cannot vacuum the floor for example. Only when I put my hand on it, or put my finger in there without thinking do I realize that it is still very sensitive to pressure changes. I cannot even sleep on my right side because that forms a seal between my ear and my bed.

I understand I may have perforated my ear drum during that single barotraumatic incident. If it is barotrauma will it heal up 100% on its own? My ears were both in great shape before this incident.
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Its seems more and more like a perforated eardrum at this point...
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If this has been going on for so long, you really need to see a doctor.  In general, wouldn't think a headphone could be that lodged to do anything.

If you read through the following, you do not seem to have the symptoms of perforated eardrum.  It does not sound like this is the case. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ruptured-eardrum/symptoms-causes/syc-20351879.  

Could you have had an abrasion inside your ear?  I'm not sure.  Get it looked at by your doctor and let us know!
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