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bad smell from nose/sinuses

Hello. I am currently experiencing a bad smell coming from my nose particularly after swallowing. It is impacting my social life and giving me anxiety when I have to sit close to other individuals. Around two years ago I developed a stuffy/clogged nose that would not go away. I went to see a doctor regarding this problem where he prescribed steroid nasal spray to reduce inflammation as well as a very strong acid reducer. These medications did not work therefore I went to a ENT who performed a nasal endoscopy (camera up nose) and a ct scan on my sinuses. Nothing looked out of the ordinary and she diagnosed me with non-allergic rhinitis. I continued to seek a root cause for my blocked and smelly sinuses so I went to a dentist and had a gastroscopy at a gastro clinic where they said everything was normal. They all said everything was fine however I've had people say I smell after I had swallowed around them as well as my breath being bad too. I can't notice it but im certain others do. I've been using a netty pot regularly and this seems to not have helped either. I've been a moderate smoker for 4 years but have heavily cut back since noticing this issue. Some of my friends who also smoke experience this clogged nose however they smell fine after swallowing and do not have smelly sinuses. Please, if anyone knows anything please comment. Any responses are greatly appreciated.
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