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Hi !
I got punched in the nose about 6 months ago and i have since had a big bump on my nose. I have always had a nice striaght nose but now my nose looks like a witches nose, the bump is pretty big and easily noticable i think it makes me look really ugly. I think i'm going to hang myself if i can't do anything about it.
Is there anything that can be done or should i just go find a rope and a tree ?
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Hey Mike,
Sorry to hear you were punched.  Especially in the nose.. ouch!
I am not a doctor.  I am just a nursing student.  
I am sure there are simple cosmetic procedures that can be done to save your appearance.  Usually the doctor will let you set up a payment plan if it really bothers you that much.  The key I think is as we get older... to appreciate the scars life leaves on our lives and cope with the changes in our appearance.  If you are so unable to cope with it... then you may think about changing it.  I can understand how you may be slightly depressed over the change in your looks, however, to joke about death seems like a serious measure.  Death will find you soon enough.  You should enjoy your life and health while you have it.  Hopefully you won't be in anymore punching situations.  If you are a boxer however, I think everyone will understand your nose.  :)
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