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lubrication for throat/palate tic

My condition is basically what might be called a motor-phonic tic or spasm of the soft palate that occurs after speech and other active movements, creating a loud, audible click as well as a feeling of rawness and throat tension.

My *question* is not about diagnosis (since so far this has seemed difficult or impossible) but about treatment of symptoms: I get complete relief from the spasms and clicks when I am congested (cold, flu, etc) and for approximately 1 week after the "sick symptoms" go away, at which point the spasms and clicks slowly return.

I'm wondering if it is possible to re-create my post-congestion conditions; particularly, I suspect that the thing that is relieving me is lubrication of the area caused by extra mucus production. *Could I stimulate the production of more mucus*, (but not so much that it causes more congestion/irritation/sneezing etc)?

Figuring out how to just treat these symptoms would very much change my life. Thanks for any thoughts, pointers, or shared experiences.
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I wish someone had answered this.  quasarjones, you are not alone.  I have something very similar and am trying to figure out how to stop it.
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