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meniere's treatment

hi, i was diagnosed with meniere's in june/09. may have started with a middle ear virus. i underwent a MRI, and hearing tests.(miniscule hearing loss on the one side) i have suffered several attacks since then. i am taking prescription anti vertigo meds SERC 16, three times/day. it has helped in lessening the intensity and frequency of the attacks. i also adhere to a low salt diet, no alcohol and no caffeine. (aside from some chocolate every so often)
these attacks can be debilitating and distressing. i am sadly feeling that this appears to be a chronic disease and it has certainly affected the quality of my life.
does anyone have any effective treaments that i may discuss with my ENT?
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Myn. is chronic, that is the nature of it.  I would imagine your ENT is up to speed on current treatments.
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thanks for your response. i am interested in whether there are other effective meds for meniere's.
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My father has MD which seems to be getting progressively worse but is trying all suggested remedies. He is currently undergoing acupuncture treatment but in the days following seems to be particularly woozy. He is unsure if the acupuncture is exacerbating his condition or if he may be in the 'burn out' stage of the disease and the acupuncture is actually turning what may have been a full blown drop down event into a manageable case of vertigo. Has anyone else had similar reactions to acupuncture? Thanks for your help. Andree
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I understand that your father must be very frustrated with this condition.  MD can be progressive in some people.

There is zero evidence that a therapy with an implausible mechanism of action, such as acupuncture claims, will do anything at all for your father.  It would seem that all he is doing is worsening matters by wasting money.  To acupuncture's credit, there is also no plausible way that it could make his MD worse (unless this is delaying proven therapies).

There are treatments such as chemical labyrinthectomy and surgical labyrinthectomy that have strong evidence to back them.  Given the degree to which it sounds like he is suffering, these would be good treatments to consider.
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