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nasal polyps problems

I have nasal polyps and have had them for about three years.  They are progressively worse.  I have allergies too.  Animals and seasonal are the ones that really get me.  I have allergies to aspirin as well and I have learned they make polyps worse.  However, I quit smoking 7 weeks ago and I was hoping that the nasal drip and mucus would get better but it is worse.  It is salty and very "meaty" and fibrous and although mostly white or clear it is sometimes brownish or orangish.  I have very bad congestion, too and now it seems that the polyps which used to reduce in size sometimes hardly ever go down now.  I am most concerned that the mucus or phlegm is so sticky and tends to make swallowing difficult sometimes.  Is this to be expected since I smoked for more than 20 years off and on or should I see a physician?
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