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otitis media and feeling of floating

Dear all,

Good day! i went to the ENT specialist yesterday and he said that I have otitis media. I was able to tell him also that I have been dizzy (feeling of floating) for almost a month since ive started using treatments for my sinusitis. My balance is okay and I don't have that ear  pain in both ears. Its just that the "floating feeling" isnt tolerable these past few days. It hinders me in getting my work done.

Please help me find a cure for these. Hoping for your replies guys. Thank you.
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Did your ENT say anything about fluid behind ear drums?
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hello susie, my ENT doctor was able to tell check my eardrums and it is curently dull though he did not mention about fluids behind my eardrums.  He gave me penicillin kind of medicine for 1 week course and levocetirizine for allergies. It is now my 4th day of the treatment but still the same problem. I still have that "floating kind of feeling". I will just wait for the last day of taking my medicine then I am going back to him for follow up.
Hi,I think lots of times these ENT look at you like you are crazy ha I know believe me! I would go back and see if you can get more answers. I know I did have the fluid behind both ear drums and had tubes put in for one year,that was a mistake for me,I did not do my checking first if this was the right way to go for me,anyway had ear tubes taken out 3 months ago and have all kinds of noises in my head now,my ENT said ear looks good, he don't know the answer for all of the head noise!
does the tube have been really helpful in your dizziness symptom?
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You have received excellent and helpful advice from Susie197702! It very well could be fluid behind ear which is common after this type of infection.  I'll just add that otitis media is another word for ear infection.  Sometimes ear infections do not recover from the first line of antibiotics so if you still feel pain, please call your physician back.  However, take the full course of medication before determining that it hasn't worked.  

Another possibility is also labrinthitis.  This can also cause symptoms such as you describe.  https://www.medicinenet.com/labyrinthitis_inner_ear_inflammation/article.htm This would be something to consider along with Susie's awesome advice.  
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Dear Maam, after an antibiotic course, what would be the next treatment? I cant afford to suffer another months for these problem of mine. It keeps my work on hold. I don't feel any pain as of the moment but previously yes, after I did some nasal irrigation.
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