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Chronic illness after heavy drinking

I think I’ve had this illness about every 2 or more years throughout my adult life, but in the last half year, I’ve had it now 5 times maybe due to multiple bouts of covid. It seems to always start with a heavy night of drinking and then waking up to a sore throat. I’ll have the sore throat, which hurts much worse when I swallow, for several days while also sneezing and having itchy eyes and nose. Then the post nasal drip coughing starts. I feel tickling in my throat so bad that it causes me to cough uncontrollably. I also have to blow my nose constantly as huge amounts of mucus is being produced. The mucus is clear but eventually turns yellow at the end of the illness. This can last for weeks and I feel congested and have a slight headache throughout all of it. I try researching this and I can’t find a definitive answer to what this is so I would greatly appreciate any help. If it’s my tonsils, I’d get them taken out tomorrow. I should note, I also have a deviated septum.
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I used to have a similar problem. been a heavy binge drinker for over 10 years. also have a deviated septum and issues with post nasal drip. It sounds funny and weird, but if you have ever been to an AA meeting or know anything about the program, they refer to drinking as an allergy. I always found that I had lots of mucus production after drinking. its probably a response to the trauma drinking causes to the body, It does wear down the throat and cause irritation in the esophagus as well as the stomach. Ive found that an increase in the amount of acid produced in my stomach after drinking exasperated the problem and my sore throats worse. I wouldnt per say  its coming from Covid or anything, its more of a concoction of everything all at once. Drinking also suppresses the immune system and when its back up and running you can go through some situations like these when its trying to fix itself. Dehydration plays a key into this, even if you are producing lots of mucus. Best bet is to cut down on the drinking, most of that will clear up after. also just know any time that you heavily drink again in the future after stopping or cutting back will result in the same symptoms again. So to recap, drinking wears down the esophagus and increases acid production, increased acid production can lead to the body making more mucus to protect you and keep the acid from spilling out the esophagus into airways and mouth. Increased mucus production will lead to more post nasal drip, thus causing the sore throat. Start drinking again, and the cycle continues. Headache is caused from the dehydration from drinking and over production of mucus. Hoped this helped!!

P.s. warm/hot tea or water with honey and lemon helps. Steam will be your best friend for a speedy recovery
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