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Chronic throat tightness and pain, bruxism and TMJ

Well, it all started in the past Christmas season. My right temple area started to hurt a lot, I thought that maybe the cause was bruxism so I tried to calm down and use NSAIDs to heal my pain. The temple pain stopped like in 5 days latter, just 1 day later a very acute troath pain in the opposite side of where the temple pain was started. It was like that pain that you have when you get anxious, like a globus sensation but only in one side of the larynx. I already have a CAT scan that found nothing unusual, just a bit swollen lymph nodes but the physician said that it was because I had chronic sinusitis. My ENT physician said that an endoscopy or laryngoscopy was unnecessary because there was no mass or apparent damage in the throat according to the CAT scan .The pain is still going and although I can still chew and swallow I find it difficult, I have a lump sensation in the throat, sometimes my ear hurts but inside and i have a gag reflex. Thanks for reading the whole story and for the advice, any help qould be appreciated.

Again, I have a feeling that maybe the TMJ and a severe bruxism could be the reason of this problem. Maybe because It all started when the temple pain started and I still clench my teeth when sleeping. Thanks again.
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