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Ear lobes - crusty, itchy, weeping, pain

For about 5 months now both my ear lobes  get crusty & very itchy ...
i can't resist to scratch intensely  to relief the itchiness. the ear lobes will
weep fluid,  clear fluid.
i have tried varous ointments and creams and also anti-fungal cream Clotrimazole.
it would clear up temporarily for a few days but than returns.
i keep good hygiene
wondering what is the cause & why it clearsa up and than returns.

hope someone has experienced something similar and found a cure.
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look in coccidia.  is it spreading anywhere else?  try clove oil for itch relief.
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i don't think it is coccidia ( dog intestinal parasite ) as i have pet dog... clove oil  i may try if it reliefs the itchiness
it has not spread, its only on the left & right ear lobes, on the exterior at the bottom and half way up the ridges.
there are 3 coccidia that humans get.  fungal cream.  antibiotics make it worse.
i am very sorry, but i have given you the wrong name for the fungal infection i referred to.  it is called Valley Fever.  
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