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Hearing loss after tubes put in ears.

I had tubes put in my ears in November 2018 and had immediate severe hearing loss. It is now December 2019 and there has been no Improvement. At least before tubes I could pop my ears and hearing would improve. It feels like my eardrum has little to no feeling in it. I am waiting for them to fall out so I can pop them again to see if things improve. I would suggest against ever putting tubes in ear as an adult or child. If children have hearing loss like mine, most will not know enough to tell the parent and without hearing aids they would be developmentally delayed.

Never never never put tubes in your ear.
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I am really hoping you spoke to your doctor about this.  Tubes generally improve things as they remove the excess fluid build up from chronic ear aches and that fluid can lead to hearing loss.  But this opposite effect is troubling. Have they checked to make sure the tubes are not blocked for some reason with blood, mucus or something else?

Since you are an adult, you did this for eustachian tube dysfunction?  I have eustachian tube dysfunction too.  I have had intermittent hearing difficulty, more like not hearing well rather than loss of hearing and mostly just on one side. Super irritating.  The vertigo is horrible for me when it flares.  Did you have that? Hearing loss for children is pretty rare.  

Here is an older post. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Ear--Nose--Throat/Diminished-hearing-after-ear-tube-procedure-in-adult/show/669985

If it were me, I'd inquire about removing them asking your doctor if that could improve the hearing. This is most unfortunate.  I'm glad I found this thread though so I was never tempted to get tubes!
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