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I can't smell but I can taste, is this normal?

I haven't been able to smell for as long as I lived. Whenever someone asks me how this or that smells I tell them I can't and they ask me to smell it anyway as if that'll change anything. I thought a lot about my lack of sense of smell and wonder if others have dealt with this as well. I've gone to the doctor, he prescribed me a nasal spray (I don't remember the name) but it hasn't worked. I can taste foods just fine the only problem is I can't smell.
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That idk is normal but the same thing with me I can't smell but I can taste so I honestly think it could be normal to people who can't smell (I can't smell either but I can taste aswell)
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Hm. Not really normal as they are so intertwined. Probably your smell is diminished but not completely gone? I had covid and lost All smell for a bit. I mean, ALL. I also could not taste anything. As it started to come back, I felt like I could taste again but some things were way off. Still felt like smell was off. This lasted 16 months for me. Mention it to your doctor. Do you think you have covid? I guess there is a nerve near our nostril that can become inflamed or damaged limiting our smell or taking it away entirely. It usually gets better.
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