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I have had a sore throat for a month.

I have had a sore throat for a month now. I took azithromycin, the 5 days course, but it did not help. I had also taken clindamycin a week before due to also having a uti. I noticed that the sore throat cleared up a little while on clindamycin, but it returned. When I had gone to my doctor after two weeks of having a sore throat, she told me that she guesses that it is tonsillitis, but the test came back negative for an infection. I think that's odd, because I definitely see white spots on my tonsils. I have tried everything in the book for remedies like; salt water&baking soda, honey, ginger, garlic, turmeric, numerous herbal teas, elderberry syrup, ginger shots, otc medicine, etc. Nothing has helped. I just talked to an ENT, he couldn't see me in person due to Covid-19, but I showed some pictures I had taken on my phone of my throat. He didn't comment much on it, said it looked normal, but then I pointed out the white spots and orange in the back of my throat and he just said he sees it? He was no help at all. He didn't give much explanation to what it could be, he said he doesn't know what it is but to call him in SIX months. I asked how it's supposed to go away and he said it'll go away, "we'll knock it out". What if it doesn't?! he also said I need to try several antibiotics until I find one that helps. Is that even safe to do? I do not know what to do, my doctor told me she will not prescribe me more antibiotics even though the ent had told me to do so. She told me to "go to urgent care". Should I go to urgent care? would they be able to help? Does anyone have the same issue going on? I've read people have had sore throat for months or years and I am worried that this will be like that as well. Thank you in advance.
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Typically white spots are going to be from infection but we can also get viral sore throats.  They swabbed you? That's what you are saying and it wasn't bacterial?  Then most doctors will have you do comfort care for yourself while it gets better as most viruses will get better on their own.  Take ibuprofen or acetaminiphen (if you don't have problems taking these), drink tea and gargle with salt water.  Remember, viruses do not respond to antibiotics, they have to run their course typically.  Do you have any other symptoms?  Any post nasal drip?  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sore-throat/symptoms-causes/syc-20351635  This link has info regarding sore throats and discusses viral sore throats. Like a cold, they happen in a similar fashion but typically you'd have other symptoms too.
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And I don't think it ever hurts to see a doctor.  They may not do anything for you and at this time, with corona virus, it is like walking into a hot spot going to the doctor in person, but you can get advice over the phone right now and they'll have you come in if they think you need to.  Let me know what happens!
Hi! Thank you for responding, sorry if the post was confusing. I went to my doctor into the second week of my sore throat, she said it looked like tonsillitis so she did a swab and it came back negative for any bacterial infections. I have been trying all the home remedies for a month, since I fist started feeling my sore throat like salt water, tea, honey, ginger, etc. I haven't noticed an improvement but I am still continuing to use them. I just find it strange that I have yellow spots on my tonsils but there is no bacterial infection. The pain isn't only on my tonsils it's the back of my throat and mid throat also, but it is most painful on my left side sort of under my jaw, I could feel it to be a little inflamed too. The ENT I talked to over the phone said that the z pack I had taken could have not been effective, which is what I was thinking too because Azithromycin had very bad reviews. He also said it could be a form of covid-19 targeting the throat. Later him and my primary doctor agreed on it just being tonsillitis. I went to urgent care today and the test came back negative for strep again, the doctor said my throat looks normal and that it could be post nasal drip. He didn't say I have tonsillitis. I haven't had a runny nose but he said that pnd could still be the cause. He gave me lidocaine to swallow for pain and cough supressant, which I don't know the reason for. One thing I forgot to mention is that typically at night I get a very low fever of around 99.5 that goes away after Tylenol or cooling myself down. This increased my suspicion of having an infection, but again the test was positive so that is off the table. I have been thinking that it could be covid-19 because of the low fever and how long this has been going on for. Sorry for all that information there's just so much to say.
Oops I meant the test was negative in the last couple sentences.
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I also forgot to mention that I am 19 years old, so I am still young.
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