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I used a neti pot and now I have bad ear pain help

So sept 19th 2019 I tore the top part of my eardrum via being dumb and leaving a qtip in my ear while having a towel draped over my head when I lifted my arm up towards my head don’t ask why.. but bam pushed the qtip right up on that eardrum. At first I was just freaked out a little bit of pain but no bleeding then I few moments later I felt my ear get wet it was blood. So of course I went to er and they said oh yea your ear is definitely mad, you’ve ruptured your eardrum here’s some antibiotic ear drops just Incase and keep it free of water for two weeks. I didn’t wash my hair for three and only took shallow baths no showers. My hearing seemed to be more sensitive after a few weeks but nothing alarming no pain no fluid no irritation when I smoke cigs during the whole healing time. Back in April of 2019 I started getting a bit of head pressure so I started taking Sudafed head pressure for several months I’d say once or twice a week maybe had a week or two out of 6 months I was taking the otc Sudafed h+p where I didn’t use it maybe 3-4 months out of the 6. Now oct 12 2019 my he’ll truly begins. I wake up my nose cold burns on one side deep at the top and facial pressure around my nose cheeks and forehead so bad it would give me migraines. Everyday I experienced this pain and once or twice a week it got so bad the migraine would set in and I’d throw up. After three weeks of this and one er visit no answers no tests were done just chalked it up to a cold which I didn’t have and sinus inf that should clear up on its own. I felt the bad headache coming on again on oct 21st so I went online looking for help I saw I YouTube video where woman claims neti pot will get rid of sinus pressure headache do against my better judgement being desperate I went ahead and tried that. I boiled tap Hawaii water for 5 minutes waited a few minutes for it to cool down and went to my bathroom to give it a go. Truly my biggest regret of my life! So I use it in one nostril seems to go ok no burning like I’d expected and then I tried the other nostril and I swallowed during the pouring process and felt it go into my right ear coughed boom up my left stopped using it right then and there I filled this thing to the top line and only one line of water was gone by the time I stopped. Three days later I start experiencing ear pain temple strain right side hurts I go to er they say here’s antibiotics as I was still complaining about sinus issues I was still having those too. Without running a ct scan to prove I even had sinusitis just wow this system... anyways I didn’t start that antibiotic till a week or two later when my right ear got real bad I thought maybe ear infection.. I wish!... and I read amoxicillin cla would help get rid of it if I did. Ten days later no change except now my bowel mvmts are screwed soft and clay not the usual for me. I go to er as I’m still experiencing facial head and ear pain in Delaware they do the ct scan finally and everything comes out looking good bloodwork perfect no answers!! I’m so stunned how can I be in perfect health but be in so much pain. By dec5 I was set up to see an Ent about the cold burning sensation deep in the upper area of my nose and the ear pain in the right. I explained to her I had been doing the Valsalva maneuver and it makes a whooshing sound but only in the one ear my right ear. She said that’s fine. She then sprayed lidocaine up my right nostril put a camera down it said everything looked fine no fluid nothing. I’m like wtf I waited 45 min in lobby for her to see me and be done in under 17 minutes what a joke and that visit was 600$!! For no answers not even a guess did she give on what could be causing my problems. A week or so later I go back to er get diagnosed with serous otitis media and still doing that dang Valsalva crap to relieve pain pressure or whatever go back two weeks later now I’ve got retracted eardrum and fluid in my left ear. I finally go home back to Hawaii Jan 23 2020 go to my primary try to set up with Ent. Before it was just one ear now it’s both but the right is the only one causing dire pain I feel like I’m dying at this point like my eardrum is in pain behind the eardrum feels like hot infection also half of my cheekbone my jaw on the right and temple area feel like what I imagine an infection to feel like. It leaks clear fluid almost to the outer rim your earlobe hsngs off of every morning! The pain comes and go and gets worse when I smoke or do the Valsalva thing I mean illl barely do it and it’ll whoosh and next thing I know I’m in pain please can anyone help or has experienced this will it ever go away
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