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Noise in my right ear (I'm not sure it's tinnitus)

Hello. I apologize for the length of my report, but it's just that I've gathered a lot of information, both from observation as well as from medical opinions, and I wanted to share and talk about this issue that has negatively affected me for months.

I've been hearing a ringing in my right ear since may. It's a low-frequency noise, about 80hz. It's not matching my heart beat at all. It is continuous and feels like there is someting vibrating inside my ear. It sounds more like a powerline noise. I hear it all day, but it's stronger at night.  It's continuous in silence. When there is sound, it's not pulsatile, but sometimes the rhythm it's more like a spasm. I feel that the rhythm, when there is one, it's irregular and make some kind of "counterpoint" with the sound. When i'm listening a podcast, for example, the noise appears between words, in the moments of silence. It's very annoying. If i stop the podcast, the noise gets continuous again and never stops. I still can hear that high pitch tinnitus either, but I always had this one and it doesn't bother me at all.

If I cover my ears, the low-pitch noise stops immediately. When a car passes near my house, it stops too, but rises up slowly soon I uncover my ears or the car is gone.  Doesn't feel like just a psychological feeling. When I can make the sound stop, feels like a fisical physical relief too, as if relaxing a muscle inside my head. It's the only symptom I have. No hearing loss, no headache, no dizziness or nausea. Sometimes the noise seems to reverberate through my body

In june, the doctor said that i had a earwax blockage. She removed it and diagnosed me with external otitis. After the treatment with antibiotics, the noise didn't stopped. The after treatment with antibiotics, the tinnitus didn't stop and I was referred to the ENT doctor. He requested audiometry and tympanometry tests, which did not show hearing loss.But tympanometry showed the following results:

Peak compliance:

Right ear: 0,28ml
Left ear: 0,35ml

Peak pressure

Right ear:-24 daPa
left ear: -28daPa

Ear canal volume
RE: 0.60 ml
LE: 1.18 ml


RE: 0.16
LE: 0.20

The type of tympanometric curve I researched indicates that the results are similar to the "As curve". The ENT doctor told me that my exams were normal and sounded like "live with it". I am looking for a second opinion and plan to go to another doctor soon. Until then, I decided to post my question and see if anyone went through something similar.

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Oh, I think living with tinnitus sounds dreadful. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tinnitus/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20350162  That article gives some suggestions for treatment but yes, some of their advice is to get counseling to live with it.  ugh.  I had it because I had inner ear tube, Eustachian Tube dysfunction and it is sure annoying.  They can give some medication to treat it.  This is a crazy one to ask about but what about ear wax.  It can cause it and is easy to rule out. But anafanil is often given to control it.  I'm sorry you are plagued with this.
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