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Pain one side of throat. Any idea what this is?

For 8 days now I have had this sore throat on the left side. I would describe it as mild when swallowing but if I sneeze it's very painful but not sure what this is?

Seems worse in the morning and then I can go the day without really noticing it but one sneeze and the pain is back.

I have looked inside my mouth and neither tonsil is swollen or any white patches. I can't see any real redness or bumps at the back of my throat and when looking at images of strep or Tonsillitis my mouth doesn't look like those.

How long if this doesn't go away should I see a GP?

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Hi!  Sorry you aren't feeling well.  That's a lot of days for a sore throat.  Sore throats can be viral or bacterial.  A viral sore throat is such that the main thing you can do for it is home care.  This includes gargling with salt water, drinking warm tea, extra fluids in general, extra rest and ibuprofen or Tylenol. But viral sore throats usually resolve on their own within 7 days, fyi.  Bacterial sore throats require a trip to the doctor.  They are caused by just as you think, bacteria with 'strep' being the famous one but there are others.  A doctor will swab the throat area of those patches you see.  Then they prescribe antibiotics if you have bacteria.  

So, I'd go ahead and go to the doctor if it has been 8 days now.

Another possibility is a tonsil stone.  https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/tonsil-stones-tonsilloliths-treatment-and-prevention#1  Again, this would be something your doctor could help you with to determine if it is the cause.  

Please come back and let us know what the doctor says!!
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Hi!  Sorry you don't feel good.  I think if you have a sore throat for 8 days, it's worth getting checked out. Sore throats can be viral in which case home care is about all you can do such as gargling with salt water, extra fluids, rest, warm tea and broth (soothing), ibuprofen or Tylenol.  Viral sore throat usually only lasts up to 7 days, fyi. Bacterial is just as it says, caused by bacteria with strep throat being the 'famous' one.  This requires antibiotics. The doctor swabs the patches you see on one side which is quick and painless.  Then runs them through a test looking for bacteria. If you have no other symptoms such as runny nose or cough, then it very well could be bacterial.  so I'd see your doctor for antibiotics.  Come back and let us know how it goes!
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