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Post surgery results Dr. Gerald Berke/hyoid bone/cartilige trim

Hi. I have read many of these posts. My daughter has an injury in the front right throat area which has affected her hyoid bone and surrounding fascia, ligaments, cartilage. When she swallows the hyoid is not functioning as it should. It seems to tilt up on that side and then clicks on structures near here. She has seen Dr. Berke at UCLA. He says he can trim the hyoid and attached cartilage; ultimately allowing more room on that side for the hyoid to function properly. However, I have read some comments from those who say not to have the bone cut on one side as it may cause emblance...  the ligaments stretch back and forth helping the hyoid to aide in swallowing, breathing..etc. Like a seasaw... if you cut a bone on one side that is shaped like a horseshoe, would that not cause some of the ligaments to become emblanced and more unstable?  She has lived with this for a year...trying to allow her body to repair itself. But she still has chronic pain. I'm looking for anyone who has had this surgery and is it working for you????
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Hello JSulli89,

I’m sorry to hear about what your daughter has been experiencing. Did you end up going through with the surgery? I wonder if you could request a symmetrical resection. I’ve read about this surgery, but have not come across anyone describing there post-surgical experience.

If you’d be open to connecting directly to discuss, I’d welcome that.
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