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Red bumps on back of throat - Negative for strep?!?

A month ago I had the common cold, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose. The cold began with a sore throat but went away two days after I began to get the other symptoms. A week later I was getting over the cold and the sore throat came back. I then started to notice red bumps in the back of my throat and I had a bit of a dry cough usually in the evening but nothing major. The sore throat lasted for a week and I went to the hospital. They gave me a strep test and it came back negative however I was told by the doctor that there are other strains of strep and they prescribed me penicillin and some stuff to gargle with for my throat. The day after I began taking the pills the sore throat was gone and hasn't been back since however the red spots are still there and it is very concerning to me. The hospital I went to has a track record of not diagnosing people properly and I only have a day and a half left of the medication and I don't see any other changes except the sore throat is gone. Can someone please let me know what it could be?
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Anyone? I'm starting to get a sore throat again and tomorrow morning will mark the 10 days and the spots are still there.
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I am going through something similar which also started like your complaint... a persistent sore throat that came back after a cold. This forum has yet to answer my question. With me, they've explored the hypothesis of a common cold/flu triggering silent reflux (laropharyngeal reflux.. not GERD) but for you, did you take a full course of antibiotics? Stopping too soon can cause a relapse. Do you take any other medicines or have any allergies? Sometimes postnasal drip after a cold can cause a long sore throat and as far as I was told, red bumps are fairly normal with irritation and throat anatomy.
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