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Skin on back of ear peeling,,crusty and seeping.

I have had dry skin problems for about a year. I have  been using different  lotion and creams.The skin in both ears and ear wax plugged up both ears.and a Dr.doctor cleaned them out.
Recently, I started having an irritating dry skin ongn the top of my left ear, where my hearing aid rests.Three small bumps or blisters that burned and itched appeared and only got worse with any lotion, and antibiotic ointment. The next day, it was dry and crusty all the way to the bottom of my ear and the skin started peeling from my hairline to most of the back of my ear. Over the weekend, I put on Calimite Lotion to curb the itching.
I am in Las Vegas and have not been successful in getting an appointment. So I will have to wait untill we get back home.
Can you help?       .  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The symptoms described by you could be due a skin disorder called eczema. This itches so much that all the scratching makes it look like 'shoe leather' (or 'elephant hide'). This not an infection. So, antibiotics will not help. You can control the symptoms with prescription strength mild cortisone creams. Consult a dermatologist

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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It could be an infection or irritation from your hearing aid. I have the same thing though and do not wear a hearing aid. My Dr told me it was eczema. I did try a couple of prescription ointments he prescribed but it did'nt really help.  I use an over the counter med called Dermarest and it really helps. You really need to get a diagnosis first though before treating yourself.
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