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Tinnitus, come together

Hi every body, Since 15 months with Tinnitus I noticed that 95% peoples around you dont know what is Tinnitus, I shared my suffering with peoples and many considers Its psychological noise that I am perceiving, some even think that I am lying !!!. This because of lack of awareness about tinnitus in society.
Now one a very important responsibility for every Tinnitus sufferer is to spread TINNITUS AWARENESS. It’s a war and don’t fight it alone. Make Tinnitus awareness groups; circulate tinnitus information to masses via emails, news articles our any other means.
REMEMBER if a disease is more popular, it has attracted more research and studies in medical science. Make it happened for Tinnitus too.
Best of luck to you all.
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Hi, i had same issue and was diagnosed with Meniere. What worked for me:
-melatonin (remfresh) to sleep
-very low sodium diet (1500 mg)
-food allergy test indicated i am allergic to some foods which i stopped taking (Menieres disease may be triggered by allergies)
- gingko biloba and alpha lipoic acid supplements for tinnitus
-take natural diuretics (eg dandelion tea)
-drink two liters of water a day
-cut out caffeine
- low sugar and low carb diet (150 g or less of carbs per day)- some research shows link between glucose level and menieres disease
I know what you are going through. I feel a lot better after a few very tough months. Best of luck!
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I would not call tinnitus a war, I would call it a chronic bother but it is not deadly.

Cancer, HIV, TB that is a war  (possibly swine flu)
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